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Parkland, Florida

As many students and their parents prepare for college, it can cause a lot of stress in finding help in filling out Student loan forms or even seeking out resources that may lessen the burden of tuition. Offsetting costs is vital to many as the idea of carrying any sort of college debt isn’t something many prefer to do. For the upcoming college students and even parents of students, it’s essential to know where you can find these resources.

Applying for scholarships is just as important as filling out that FASFA form. To make things a little easier for students, the City of Parkland has three different awards for school-related expenses. One of the prerequisites is that the student must live in Parkland and be graduating in 2020.

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Weston, Florida

When it comes to art, Weston, Florida, doesn’t hold back the talent. Living in the city is beautiful enough, but add in all the numerous art galleries, you may find even more beauty and culture in this suburb near Fort Lauderdale. Depending on your taste for art or if you want to take the family out to do some painting, these art galleries are perfect for satisfying your craving for culture and art. Continue reading

Coral Springs, Florida

If you’re looking to step up your athleticism or just learn self-defense, then be sure to check out the Progressive Fighting Center in Coral Springs. Here, you will find that training in self-defense is for everyone. Even if you never use it, it is good to know how to defend yourself. On top of learning how to protect yourself in many types of situations, it also proved an excellent workout for the mind and body

Ezara Sanders, the center’s head instructor, ensures that you will learn how to defend yourself and with 35 years in the Martial Arts fields, Ezara is proficient in many different disciplines but has focused on Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) which is based off a Filipino martial arts style.

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