Weston, Florida

When it comes to art, Weston, Florida, doesn’t hold back the talent. Living in the city is beautiful enough, but add in all the numerous art galleries, you may find even more beauty and culture in this suburb near Fort Lauderdale. Depending on your taste for art or if you want to take the family out to do some painting, these art galleries are perfect for satisfying your craving for culture and art.

  • MAC Fine Art – MAC Art Galleries is one of the most respected and successful dealers of fine art in America. They exhibit a stunning collection of art by international artists.
  • Board and Brush – This is a fantastic place for any DIY projects you want to pain. You can pick the project before you arrive, and the staff will have everything ready for you when you visit. Perfect for family and friends.
  • ABRA Gallery – The ABRA Gallery specializes in distributing and producing affordable international artwork to the Miami Community. The curators organize showings that cater to your specialized needs.
  • Sunrise Civic Center Theatre and Art Gallery – Hosting a variety of live performances from children’s entertainment to rock concerts, this venue also offers an art gallery with exhibitions changing regularly.
  • Greg Lane Fine Arts – Specializing in today’s most popular artists, this gallery sells originals, serigraphs, sculptures, jewelry, and a wide array of custom framing.
  • Art Frame Décor – This gallery not only offers an abundance of stellar art, but it also provides top-notch framing services. They are one of the most experienced and professionally creative galleries in the area.

If you’re looking for a regular day out on the town, feel free to grab a map and mark all the spots where these galleries are located for your art walk around Weston. Don’t forget to check out a local restaurant to keep yourself energized as you take in all the art and creativity that will inspire you.